Sunday, February 01, 2015

Recycled Art at HB!

HB had a 3 day activity with the kids to apply the knowledge of the 3 R´s (Re-use, Reduce and Recycle). The kids helped collect “trash” inside the Library, and divided it depending on the material (plastic, aluminum, paper, glass and non recyclable). After everything was divided they selected several objects to create something new and useful out of it using their creativity. 

At the end they presented their creation to the rest of the kids and we had a small award ceremony. It was an amazing activity as many kids were very excited and created amazing things, as a car out of a plastic box, old CD´s, used card-board and plastic or a submarine made of a water container and old PVC tubes, etc.

Check out these photos of the kids' amazing creations (click on photos to see larger image)!

A drum & a race car!
A submarine made out of pvc and a plastic water bottle

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