Friday, February 27, 2015

Learning about sharks & other recent activities at HB

Dr Mauricio Hoys, sharks specialist, came to give a talk about 
shark conservation to the kids at HB.  The kids learned about 
shark ecology and the importance of protecting them. 

After Dr, Hoys's talk, we had a shark sand sculpture contest at 
the beach. It was so much fun. 
We have certainly have some future biologists in our group!


Other activities happening at HB in the month of February:

Felix Velando, Spanish writer from the Akumal International Artist Residency, volunteered with us during the past month. He developed Writing-Workshops with the kids, they loved the time to be creative and express themselves.  They created poems, tongue-twister and several stories.

Rachel Kremidas, is an American artist from the Akumal International Artist Residency. She is working on a beautiful mural for the Library. She was inspired in the trees growing in front of the mural. We wanted to create a beautiful mural with-out harming the trees, and that’s how her magnificent idea was born:  Draw the trees shapes and filled them up with a creative color combination and shapes. Rachel also created an Art Workshop with the kids, to help them get inspired with one of her favorite things: shades and shapes. The kids draw their body shape in a piece of paper and filled them up with any using their creativity. The result:  funky drawings of themselves. This was such a fun activity, kids loved it!

We had a Pregnancy and Maternity talked given by specialist Andrea Gonzales. The workshop was focused to pregnant young girls from the community. The goal of the workshop was to guide them through the process and help them increase their knowledge about pregnancy and maternity. Another workshop was held on February 25th due to the demand, as it was a big success.

In February we started the English Classes for adults and kids!! Linda Novak , Debby Oakley and Chica McCabe are our English teachers. Lessons will be on Tuesday and Thursday every week.

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