Monday, August 04, 2014

Kids with cameras at HB!

During the Summer Program "EXPRESS YOURSELF" we are learning many different ways to do just that! Please enjoy this fantastic video of our wonderful and talented children as they learn about expressing themselves through digital photography from Larry Gindhart and Carol Tharp-Perrin
Larry and Carol worked together with the children for 5 days of the Summer program. They did a yoga program with the two younger age groups (3-5 and 6-8) that centered around a story that involved animals. They learned the  yoga poses and the sounds for each animal (they brought an entire suitcase of instruments) and also the words in English and in Spanish. By the end of the 5 days they put together the story and demonstrated it with their yoga poses and movements ... it was really cute! 

The older kids (ages 9-12) had photography classes with both Larry and Carol. They had a program all laid out and a sequence of things they talked to the kids about, starting with respecting the camera and taking care of it. Moving on to composition and being creative in their photography. The video is a compilation of the childrens' photos and Larry's photos of them while they were working.

It really was very special!!! 

In Indianapolis, Larry is a professional photographer and Carol is a yoga teacher and artist. We'd like to EXPRESS a special thank you to Larry & Carol for taking the time and effort to come to Akumal to work with the kids at Hekab Be!!

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