Monday, April 28, 2014

Earth Week at HB!

Kids show off the recycling bins they helped create
 At Hekab Be Biblioteca, we turned Earth Day into Earth Week! Each day last week we learned a little bit more about our earth and ways we can protect it, and did activities that helped to reinforce what we learned. Using informational postcards from Parque La Ceiba and Flora, Fauna y Cultura de México, A.C., we learned 13 ways we can help make our planet a better place for all! We learned about the Three R's in Spanish and English --- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

 We struggled a little bit with the "reduce your footprint" idea, but eventually understood and wrote our most important tasks for protecting our Earth on our individual footprints. Our trail of footprints leads to our collection of beautiful Earths that we made based on a globe.

We divided into three groups: Paper and Cardboard, Plastic, and Organic. Each group painted and decorated a bucket for use at the Library to Recycle items. We are proud and more Earth Conscious, and hope to educate others to participate as well!

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