Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Help Us Welcome Our New Director!

Anne & the kids celebrate Dia de la Independencia at HB

Hello, my name is Anne Gabbert and I am thrilled to be the new Director of the Hekab Be Library in Akumal. I have lived in Quintana Roo for 4 years, and have been working as a teacher here in Akumal since 2011. My professional background includes experiences in teaching, educational administration, advocacy, advising/mentoring, research, and fundraising. At the heart of what I do is a commitment to children and families and building stronger communities. With these things always in mind, I hope to be part of a new era of growth and education at Hekab Be.

  We are looking for folks to volunteer time at the Hekab Be Library in Akumal. At the moment we have several programs in place for the children after school, but one thing we are lacking is physical education or gym class. I am hoping to find someone who can work with the children on soccer (futbol), basketball, gymnastics, etc. for one hour each week anytime during the hours of 2:00-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you know of anyone who might be willing to join our program in this capacity, please let me know!

Also, I am going to implement a kind of "Career Day" program for the children. I am setting up a schedule for local business folks and professionals to come and share their experiences and educate the children on how many wonderful and interesting things there are to do for work in the world. Let's open their eyes to the possibilities that are in front of them! If you would be willing to come and share an hour with us during the afternoon, we would love to have your expertise and energy to motivate our future leaders of Akumal and the world.

Do you have a special skill you can share with our children and families? Jewelry-making, conversational English for adults, arts and crafts, studying monkeys or turtles, etc.?

Please pass this message along to anyone else who might be interested in helping!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, and I so look forward to hearing from you (email address below).

-- Anne

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