Friday, April 05, 2013


Library Mothers are turning to the Library to help feed their families. Recently they started a small garden (see photos) for Mexican cuisine's ever-popular chile peppers to gain experience. Now they want to expand, and include the children in their health-promoting consciousness raising, while saving from their subsistence-level incomes.

 We are of course thrilled to be able to help these moms get their own local food movement underway!
Mothers discuss what plants they can fit into the small garden bed

How it began
A group of mothers who actively participate in library activities recently approached our staff and asked to start a garden project. They were looking for a space to plant and grow some of their own fresh produce, since many homes or apartments in Akumal Pueblo provide little to no garden area, and buying fresh produce can be costly.

What we need
Alas, nothing comes free (except oxygen & sunlight) these days, so we need to raise some money to help pay for the garden expenses, including: water, soil, seeds or small plants, materials for building the raised garden beds & protecting them from iguanas and other interested creatures.

Our expenses also include the time our staff is dedicating to working with the moms and helping them do this project.

Your donation can help us help these mothers provide healthy food for their families, something we feel is a very worthwhile investment.

Please make a donation today by clicking on this link to our Paypal page.
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Kids look at what's growing in the garden

Remember, your donations to the library are U.S. tax-deductible and can be made with any major credit card (you do not need your own Paypal account to make a donation).

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