Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RONA Volunteers Visit Hekab Be!

Only our local children could have as much enthusiasm as Team RONA brought to Hekab Be on Thursday, February 21. 

Team RONA arrives to whip things into shape at HB!
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RONA volunteers and library kids & staff get to know each other
About 90 owners/franchisees of this Canadian chain (similar to Lowe's or Home Depot in US) spent a long day of community service at Hekab Be. They installed fearsome protector bars on each window and a real door on the bathroom!

Together they cleaned, painted, decorated, and restored order to each room of the multi-room building.

One of the classrooms redone with a fish theme, we love it!
fresh paint
new bookshelves

They made a packed dirt basketball court with a proper hoop; provided lots of new balls, hula hoops, and other games and toys.
New basketball court/playing area for kids to run around

Long awaited bathroom door has arrived

Our newly repainted bathroom, with froggies!

The day ended with triumphant adults and library kids adding hand print leaves to a newly painted mural of a tree.

Three cheers for team RONA!!

Anyone shopping at a RONA store in Canada can say a special thanks to the manager for the convention group's work.

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