Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Art Auction a Huge Success!

Last Friday 3/9, during "locals happy hour" at the Lol-Ha beach bar, HB put on its second annual silent art auction fundraiser.

Bidders peruse the items
 This year, the auction featured over 50 items for bidding, including:
handicraft items from Indonesia & Panama, paintings by Oscar Romero & Goran Hellekant, and jewelry by Margarita Herrera & Sherri Banuelos. We wish to send a super thank you to all who donated items for this event!

Lovely mola art items from Panama
Bidders were given a number and could then peruse the items and put down their bid. The bidding started out slowly around 5:30, and as the bar filled up, bidding became more lively with a final flurry of competitive bids just before 7 when the auction closed.

A number of items were particularly popular, and fetched a high winning bid, including a maraca from Indonesia, a turtle basket from Panama and a painting by Oscar Romero.
Print by Oscar Romero and much desired turtle basket from Ecuador
Thanks to a wonderful group of supporters and volunteers who helped out, the event ran much more smoothly than last year, and the library was able to raise funds to cover more than 1 month of operating expenses!
We'd like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their support:
-Laura Wolfe and Lol-Ha Staff for lending us the space and helping us with set up
-Charlene for taking on the role of MC
-Gary Schnieder, Nancy Welch, Carol Current & Rebecca Michael for helping organize the displays, set-up the items and run the auction
-Debby & Bruce Oakley for donating the majority of items on auction, for putting the event together and helping to make all the pieces and players work together!

Of course, we'd also like to extend our appreciation to all those who came out and bid to help support HB, we look forward to seeing you all again at next's year auction!

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