Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Silent Auction Fundraiser on March 11th

Another painting for this Friday's auction fundraiser, donated by the local painter, Sergio Gamboa, who has a gallery here in Akumal called Boonil Naj. It's located just past the arch on the left hand side-- stop in and see his work sometime!

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An article about Oscar Romero, the painter whose work will be featured in the auction, can be seen by clicking HERE!

Olmec Head - black and white art print
Please join us for a fun event on Friday, March 11th, during happy hour (5-7:30pm) at the Lol-Ha beach bar: OUR VERY FIRST ART AUCTION FUNDRAISER!

Waves at Dawn - painting

Available for bidding on will be these paintings by local visiting artist (Akumal/Chicago) Oscar Romero (seen here), as well as a variety of handicrafts from Oaxaca. Payment can be made in cash or using your existing Paypal account only.

Proceeds will, of course, benefit HB!

Aztec duel- drawing

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