Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Party Photos

please note our holiday schedule:
We will be closed December 25 & 31 and January 1 & 6
Otherwise we will be open during our regular hours:
Mon, Weds & Fri: 9:30 am-5:30 pm (closed 1-2:30 for lunch)
Tuesday & Thursday we close at 4:30pm (closed 1-2:30 for lunch)
Saturday open 9:00 am-1 pm
Closed Sunday

Another wonderful Christmas Party was held on Sunday, December 19th at HB

We are happy to report that Leo was able to attend the party and receive many loving hugs from all the children she has worked so hard to teach.
We had a huge turn out and gave out gifts to over 60 children, there were a lot of smiles happening! The party began with a short play performed by 3 of the library regulars-- wonderful girls who took the stage and entertained us with a tale of a mischievous witch. That was followed by an elaborate dance performance of 4 different dances by a wonderful group of senior dancers (all over age 60), most of whom came from Playa del Carmen just to be part of the festivities. Santa arrived part way through the dance show and smiled his way through many photos during the intermissions and then joyfully gave out presents to all the kids. Then came the pinata, followed by pasta salad, jello, cake and horchata for everyone! It was an all around success.

We'd like to say special thanks to all those who helped make it happen including:
The elderly folkloric dance group who performed for us
Kevin McKee aka whitebeard who played Santa for the 2nd year in a row
Turtle Bay Cafe for donating a beautiful, enormous and delicious Christmas cake
CEA for donating candy and toys to help fill our extra grande pinata
Lol-Ha for providing a lovely dinner for the dancers after their performance
Tequilaville Restaurant for helping with our toy drive

And of course, to all our loyal friends and supporters who donated in the previous months to help us keep running our programs and be able to provide special events
such as our annual Christmas party for the children and families of Akumal!

A young "pastora" performs in the child's play
Folkloric dancers perform their interpretation of Quintana Roo

Carlos hangs the enormous pinata made by the library kids and staff

Santa receives a nice hug from an appreciative little girl!

More photos of the Christmas celebration can be seen on our facebook page by clicking HERE

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