Thursday, November 11, 2010

SOS-- Support our staff!!

Hekab Be is in urgent need of donations to help us keep the library open through the end of the year. HB operates on a shoestring budget of ~$1500 US a month and runs all its programs with just 3 staff members! We are dedicated to supporting the career and educational growth of local Akumal residents, who have a unique opportunity to help others by working at HB.
Our goal is to raise $3000 to keep us open into January. A portion of these funds will also be used for the library's annual Christmas party.


Special thanks to LG folks who came to the Thanksgiving Day party and helped donate towards a nice big sum of $800 for the library fundraiser:
Xpuha Girl, Beachey, Vancouver Sundog, Soliel Sol, R11, jacalope and husband, jewlesinfinity,
ellteck, srodrigues, Wifey & Vanisland. Also to Non LG contributors: Fara, Glenda & Gayle.
We've probably missed a few names, so we apologize in advance if your name isn't here, we truly appreciate the help from each and every single donor!

We'd like you to meet our newest staff member, Nayla.

Nayla (on right) receives her certificate of participation for the summer school from library director, Leo

Nayla is a middle school student who has been volunteering at the library for the past year. In exchange for her time, Nayla received the school supplies she needed. When our prior library assistant resigned, we decided to give Nayla the opportunity to take a part time paid position, since we know she also needs money to help pay for school related expenses. We are thrilled to say that Nayla has arisen to the challenge, proving herself to be an extremely responsible teenager and we are even happier to find that she has positively bloomed in this role! Not only can we see her gaining self-confidence day by day, having her at the library means many more middle school students have started using our services again.

Nayla helps out with younger kids during the summer program

Many library visitors have already had the opportunity to meet our multi-lingual and multi-talented, assistant director, Carlos.

Carlos has fun helping with tug o' war at the Children's Day celebration

We were fortunate to find Carlos last Fall when he started out at the library just helping to clean the grounds. Soon we discovered that not only does Carlos speak Mayan and Spanish, he is also fluent in English, although he is a bit shy about using it. Carlos is a self-made man. Despite just having a secondary school education, he has continued to seek opportunities to learn and grow, and his attraction to Hekab Be was a natural extension of this. Carlos has continued to grow and learn in the past year he has been working at the library, but is quite humble about how much more there is for him to learn-- he sets a wonderful example for all the children who work with him at the library. In addition to working with the kids in our after school program, Carlos reads stories at the local schools every Wednesday, teaches Mayan & Spanish classes at the library, and has his hand on the pulse of just about everything else there too. We are so happy Carlos found his way to the library, he is a great asset for HB and the community he serves!

Carlos listens intently, along with the kids, to a presentation during the summer program

If you can help, please click HERE to donate, or click on the donate button on the right sidebar!

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