Monday, February 01, 2010

Challenge Grant COMPLETED!!!

In less than a month, our AMAZING library supporters have once again dug deep into their pockets to help us meet our Challenge Grant to raise $2250 U.S.!!!

We are thrilled, we are speechless, we are simply in awe of our miraculous supporters and friends. Most of all, thank you for believing in this cause and the importance of helping the kids of Akumal, they are the future.

Thank you to all who donated and made this fund raiser a success!
Debby and Bruce Oakley (Challenge sponsors)
Robert Fish
Robert Zucker
Paul Britton
Holly Beverly
Tina Smith
Hollie Smith
Holley Steller
Lori Wegener
Bill Johnson
Anthony Kopacz
Jane Whaley
Peg Preble & Robyn Ochs
Lori Wegener
Nancy Alberico
Kathy Spencer
Simona Groppi
Jessica Kallinen
Elizabeth Moore
Jeanie Hardey
Duane Folsom
Theresa Gerbrandt
Liza Rodgers
Judith Metivier
Brenda Conner
Toni Todd
Deb Dexter
Linda Hart Mulgrew

Thanks to Shapeshifter for the boost on the LG forum, with his added incentive of a painted cooler (see image below) for the person who helped us reach the final amount!

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