Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Party 2009 - Tuesday December 22
2:00 PM

Please join us!
Holiday Closure: Please note the library will be closed December 24th, 25th, 31st & January 1st

This year we are trying something new, we asked the kids to write down what they wanted for Christmas. Below is a list of the Christmas Wishes of kids who regularly come to the library and participate in our programs. We are hoping to find sponsors to help purchase or bring all of these gifts.
To help us keep track of gifts that are already accounted for, please send us a brief email ( if you are bringing any gifts. That way we can remove it from the list, to avoid duplicates.
-->Not coming to Akumal but want to help us get these gifts? You can make a donation, just let us know it's for Christmas gifts and we'll use the funds for that purpose.

Thank you for helping make these kids' wishes come true!

Christmas Gift Wish List:

Converse chuck taylor all stars style sneakers-- please note that a knock-off or off-brand (not converse brand) would be fine:
--2 pairs white, youth size 5
--1 pair black or white youth size 4.5
--1 pair, any color, youth size 4

--Mac the truck toy from Cars movie or superman action figure

--5 shoe style rollerskates, youth sizes: 2, 2, 2.5, 4, 4.5,

--4 Max Steel Action Figure Dolls (or other superhero if you can't find Max Steel)

--10 Remote control cars (with an extra set of batteries, if possible, since many families cannot afford to buy replacements. Usually we ask people not to bring battery operated toys, we are making an exception this year for Santa!)

--5 dolls: 1 that crawls, 1 that sings/dances, 1 that cries, 1 with pacifier, 1 with stroller



Thanksgiving Day LG Fundraiser at Lol Ha $400.00 raised!

A big heartfelt Thank You to loyal supporters Beachy, Maplesyrup & Sweety for their dedication to making this a success!

Pictured left to right - Front Row: Gato(Karen), Leo(Lib. Director)
Second Row: Coralreef(Shelly), Florida Girl(Vicki), Crunch(Kim), Jacalope(Mary), Beachy(George) Carlos & Belen (Lib. assistants)
Third Row: Tomas(Tom), Akumal Addicts(Eric), Sweety(Sandy), Maplesyrup(Ed)
Not pictured: Akumal Addicts(Lara) & Laura Bush Wolf
Also in attendance were several husbands & boyfriends

Questions? Email us:

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laura.b.wolfe09 said...

I loved being able to attend this fundraiser at Lolha! I am sometimes out of town, but this time I got to witness the spirit of giving, the generosity of the group, and the fun all of you have! Thank you for choosing our place to make this happen! Laura Wolfe