Friday, October 16, 2009

Windsor Wizards & Playa Caballeros Help Spruce Up the Library

On Monday, Oct 12, a group of 130 people of all ages came to the library on and gave HB a total facelift!

Hekab Be, looking like new!
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This major undertaking was made possible by a cooperative effort of the families of the Windsor, Colorado Wizards Youth Football Team, and the Caballeros, a Playa del Carmen American Football Club, who have been involved in a football exchange between their 2 clubs for several years. (Click to see a video about the Caballeros of Playa Del Carmen.)

Painting the annex buildings

This year, they decided they wanted to add a community service element to their exchange, and the library was fortunate to be the recipient of their efforts! All told, the group was at the library for 8 hours and left the place looking like new!

Loading up a wheel barrel with rocks from the garden area
Our very clean and rock-free grounds!

Along the many things they did: All the library buildings were painted inside and out; the grounds were immaculately cleaned, with many wheel-barrels full of stones removed; they brought electricians who helped fix broken lights; 4 doctors came and gave free consultations to over 50 patients from Akumal Pueblo; they put up a new fence; and most of all, they supplied a whole lot of enthusiasm and elbow grease to get the job done! And if that weren't enough, before leaving they donated to the library bags and bags full of clothing, toys, & books to benefit local children.

Carrying wood for the new fence
The new fence, completed!
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HB extends an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to all the families who came, and to the many people who helped make this possible including: Wizards' Coach Adam Mack, Sandra Salcedo from the Caballeros, and Claudia Munoz of Akumal who helped put this wonderful group in touch with the library!

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