Sunday, October 25, 2009

Donate to Autumn Celebrations at HB

The library will be closed Monday, November 2nd for Day of the Dead/All Souls Day a Mexican National Holiday.

This coming week at the library will be a busy one with planning and preparations for 2 Fall celebrations in 2 cultural traditions, Halloween and Day of the Dead, or Hanal Pixan as it is called in the Yucatec Maya tradition. We are seeking some donations to help us cover the costs of these activities.

Traditional Yucatecan style altar for Hanal Pixan (Day of the Dead)

On Thursday, October 29th the children will take part in a Halloween party, complete with a haunted house, and carnival style games (The party is not being held on Oct 31st because that is the day the children will be helping make an altar for Day of the Dead at the library).

On Saturday, October 31st the children will help do a traditional altar for Day of the Dead. The altar includes many items associated with the milpa (corn field), such as candied squash, a corn drink (atole), tortillas, chocolate drink--all served in jicaras (cups made from dried gourds)--plus flowers, pan de muerto (special bread made for the holiday) & favorite foods of the deceased, are just some of the things traditionally used. On Saturday night there will be an altar contest held in the Akumal Pueblo, and HB will be participating with its own altar, wish us luck!

Candy skulls available in Mexico at this time of year

All these activities are part of the library's mission to help maintain the strength of local cultural traditions, by teaching children about their meaning and having them participate in making their own traditions.

Of course, it takes money to put on these celebrations, that is why we are trying to raise $250 U.S. in the next week, so we can have enough funds to get all the goodies for the kids!
Please consider donating a small amount to help us, even $10 or $20 helps!

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