Friday, September 11, 2009

4th Annual Labor Day Party & Raffle

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Here are the names of the peeps in the pic: Left to right on the sand; Big Serg (kneeling), KAY, Beachmutt, KAT in SAT, and then her husband Ricardo. Standing, L to R, Leadfoot, his wife Liz, Terriann, IG (sort of behind Terri), Terri's husband Craig (his arm on Terri), XcalackSteve (blue hat), IG's wife, Xcalack Doll, Johnny Kayak (the kayak attendant at ABR), Guy (in the back holding up a drink), Heather (Guy's wife), Tortuga Tom, Harold, Michelle (Grumpers' daughter), Alma (in the back with her chin up), Agnes (ABR Animation team member), Grumpers, Dora (another ABR animation member), and last, but not the least, Toes In The Sand.

Thanks to Tortuga Tom, Toes & Grumpers, LGs did it again! They helped raise $540.00 for the Library at the 4th Annual Labor Day Party. A big thank you to everyone who contributed some great prizes and to those that donated.
And here are the winners:

CEA T-shirt - Teriann
Bourbon - Mrs. IG
Almond Tequila - Unsuspecting Lol-Ha customer
SS White Cooler - Teriann
Yellow GBG Cooler - Johnny
Dean Iggy Bag - Patricia
52 oz. Bubba Keg - IG
Gecko Glass - Crunch
Fish Glass - Kat in Sat
Turtle Photo Poster - Heather
xcalaksteve`s new book - greekbeachgirl
Necklace - Grumpers daughter Michelle
Billiam Book - Badger
xcalaksteves 1st Book (2 copies) - leadfoot and Badger

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