Monday, August 10, 2009

Circus of the Akumal Stars-- photos and video!

The circus was WONDERFUL! There were clowns, acrobats, a strongman, an animal tamer, and more! You can watch the YouTube video by clicking on this link: Akumal Circus 09

Here's some photos to whet your appetite! (click on photos to see larger image)

The kids did a great job, under the fabulous direction of Rey Ortega, it was a full house event.

Very special thanks to everyone, sponsors, volunteers, parents, and kids, who made our Summer School 09 a GREAT SUCCESS!! Scroll down for our long list of the extraordinary donors who all made it possible for summer school to happen this, completely free of charge to local families.
Proud kids receive their certificates of completion for summer school '09!

Summer School Sponsors

Angela Yang
Ann Adams
Ann DeSalvo
Brooke E DuBois
Casa de Colores
Chris Malin
Cindy Abraham
Cynthia Chasteen
Cynthia Kutz
Donna Brunton
Duane Folsom
Edd & Jeanie Hardey
Emily Abraham
Enrique Rabelo
Frances Olson
Fred Johnson
Gary& Martha Bemis
James Thurman
Jena Conrow
Jenna daugherty
Jennifer Cornine
Jessica and Alan Farr
Kathleen Fonted
Kathy DeWitt
Kay Walton
Kimberley Barnett
Lindea Kirschner
Lisa Maguire
Liza Rodgers
Lori Wegener
Lucelena Escarpita
Lynn Shallenberger
Mike & Lucy Duran
Nancy Alberico
Pamela J Thing
Peter Kripakov
Robert Fish
Roger Lavoie
Rosalie Norton
Rose Bank
Sandra Knight
Sandrah Gurash
Shawn Bemis
Sherwood Anders
Thomas Callahan-Cross
Thomas L Cochran
Toni Todd
Treanna Pierce
Virginia Roseburg
Whitney Challed

Please note: The library will be closed August 18-September 7. Details about where to make donations when the library is closed will be posted.

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