Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Library will keep reduced schedule through May 11th

In accordance with the Mexican Secretary of Health's most recent decision to keep all preschool, primary and secondary schools closed until Monday May 11th, the library will also maintain a reduced schedule until then.
We will be open Mon-Sat morning from 9-11 a.m., for receiving donations and book loans only. All other regularly scheduled activities will be suspended until next week.

We have asked local children not to come into the library, to avoid playing a role in spreading anything. There have now been 3 confirmed cases of the human/swine flu in Quintana Roo. So far none are in the immediate area of Akumal, but that does not mean we are immune.

When we resume our normal schedule we will also be instituting the same health practice guidelines being implemented in local schools which include: asking children questions about their health on a daily basis, enforcing hand cleansing and other rules to prevent the spread of germs. And of course, as an educational institution, we will be helping the children understand what this flu epidemic is all about.
The worst may be past, but this is not over yet!

Please be safe everyone, and remember to wash your hands well!!

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