Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thanks to everyone who helped us to reach our goal, to sponsor 70 students! We are looking forward to one of our best Summer Programs yet! Muchas Gracias.....

Can you and your family, friends, co-workers or neighbors contribute $30 US to support one child in Hekab Be’s Summer School enrichment program? Your and the student’s names will be posted together in the Library’s classroom like this:

“Juan Gomez/Doe Family, Hekab Be Summer Scholar Supporter”

All it takes is $30 to send one child for the entire month of Summer School:

To donate, just click on the donate button on this page or visit the library’s donation site at:

¡Gracias de todos nuestros niƱos! Thank you from all our children!

Summer School is held at our Akumal Library from July 13 to August 7 for children ages 5 to 15 years. We are pleased to announce that Rey and Kiome Ortega who helped us put on our wonderful children’s circus at the end of last year’s summer program will be back again this year!

Educational research shows that summer is a critical time when children often fall behind in their academic skills, especially when they lack educational resources and support at home. Then, in Fall, they have to re-learn material they had mastered during the previous school year. To help prevent this loss of knowledge and help advance literacy skills, Hekab Be provides an annual summer school program for local school-age children. The course involves intensive teaching, working with the children in mixed age groups according to their skill level. While the primary goal of the program is to help children improve their reading skills, we offer a well rounded curriculum with content in language arts (Spanish, English & Maya), science (experiments, geography, environmental studies) and fine arts (music, drawing, painting, performance).

From 2000-2007, the program was free and 70-100 local children attended. Last year, we were not able to fund this program and had to ask families to pay a small tuition (50 pesos/week). Many families could not afford to keep their children enrolled for the entire program, and our enrollments were lower than normal. Accordingly, this year we are seeking to provide 70 summer scholarships at only $30 US each.

Donors will receive a personal report from the summer scholar they sponsored in August!

To donate, just click on the donate button on this page or visit the library’s donation site at:

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