Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Welcome to our intern, Yilin!

If you come into the library over the next few weeks, you'll see a new (and most likely smiling) face-- Yilin Zhang, our new intern!

Yilin working with the kids during the after-school program

Yilin, a recent college graduate, is doing an internship with Hekab Be for one month, to help us write funding proposals.

Yilin's presence is thanks to the Oakleys (as if they didn't do enough with their challenge grant!) who helped to fund Yilin's travel and are providing her free board at their beautiful home in Tankah.
Yilin working at the Hekab Be table during the CEA Green Fair

Here is some information about Yilin:
Yilin recently graduated from the University of Michigan with an academic background in Anthropology and International Relations. Outside of classes, she has been involved in various community service and service learning organizations, such as buildON, Alternative Spring Break, and the North American Summer Service Team. Through these programs, Yilin has helped build a school in Nicaragua, plant over 13,000 trees for the Nature Conservancy, and volunteered at a youth center on a Lakota reservation in South Dakota. Additionally, she has worked at the University of Michigan's Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs and is dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of multiculturalism through dialogue and social activism.

One of her main areas of interest lies in health policy: empowering community members on both local and global levels through culturally-sensitive policies. In 2007, Yilin and three colleagues founded the Youth Hope Organization (YHO), a non-profit organization which seeks to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among children in China. In the future, Yilin plans to pursue a graduate education in public health. She hopes to eventually work for the World Health Organization.

As you can see from her bio, Yilin is a multi-talented and focused young woman! We are very pleased that she is willing to share her skills and time with Hekab Be.

And, apparently the feeling is mutual, as Yilin writes:
"I am absolutely enjoying my work at the Hekab Be Biblioteca. Hekab Be serves not only as a library, but it is a crucial resource for sustaining the community's educational, economic, social developments."

Many thanks to Yilin & the Oakleys!

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