Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hekab Be Opens Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation in the US

For many years it has been a dream for all of us involved in Hekab Be Biblioteca de Akumal to launch a U.S. non-profit organization to support our work. We have had many donors who wished to make larger endowments to the library, but were unable to do so and deduct the donation. Well, now they can!

Thanks to the tireless efforts and support of Debbi Burke (aka Deb2Gs on Loco Gringo), the library can now receive donations and provide a tax-exempt receipt for both monetary donations and donations in kind. This is a momentous achievement for the library. Debbi is also providing financial and administrative oversight of the U.S. non-profit, and has taken an active role in maintaining the library blog and answering communications. In other words, she has become a vital member of Hekab Be!

If you are looking for a tax write off, or have just been waiting for the right time to donate to Hekab Be, this is it! During the slow tourist season when visitors are scarce is typically a time when the library struggles to stay open. Donations at this time of year are very low, but very vital.

Tell a friend, family member or business associate. Everyone can help the library! Have you told your co-workers and friends about our program? Pass on this message and our blog site address and maybe even your employer will contribute, especially at tax time!

The library has new hours of operation:
9-12 Monday-Friday
3-5:00 Monday-Friday
9-1 Saturday
Closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday.


Anonymous said...

My user name on Locogringo is marjmy and I have made my donation thru paypal.

Anonymous said...

Tortuga Tom again.....

Anonymous said...

My user name on LocoGringo is dona0706 and I just made my donation.

Keep up the good work!!! What a caring group of people you all are!!


CONTACT US: said...

Mil Gracias to all YOU caring people who help us do this good work!! We wouldn't be here without you.

Anonymous said...

Tortuga Tom once more....

Anonymous said...

Tortuga Tom #4