Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Children's circus--WITH PHOTOS!!

We finally have photos!! Click on photo to see larger image

A message from Maggie about our summer school finale:

A huge thank you to Rey Ortega for his professional assistance in auditioning, training and motivating our students for the First "Hekab Be Circus." The kids practiced 4 hours a week to learn their roles. Costumes were made by Reyna and Gabina (of the library) and Mirna (a summer school volunteer from CEA) - and Jamie Cost of La Buena Vida donated the use of Halloween costumes. Local mothers and friends helped do makeup and dress the kids. By the time performance night arrived the kids were ready to go. Very little stage fright on their part and the audience was very warm and appreciative of all efforts.

Terri and Dave Gerbrandt were our guests of honor. The "It's A Wonderful World Act" - with 4 little girls who are dressed like flowers was for Terri. The act - the little seedlings are in a crouch position when a dejected little farmer comes along and waters them - they do nothing he turns his back and they slowly start coming up waving in the wind Tissue flower bouquets- all the while the above song is playing - when the flowers are completely up the girls go into the audience and gave Terri their flowers. She was moved as were others. The circus was a huge hit! And Standing Room Only!

Special thanks to CEA folks: Paul, Juan Antonio, and Mirna, for helping make this event a success.


Andi said...

Glad I was able to visit you last week and deliver a proper clown nose just in time for the circus. Hope it fit someone!

srodrigues said...

I brought my mom, sister, cousin and her husband to the Circus -- we had a great time and they got to see a bit of what makes Akumal so special to all of us regulars. Thanks all.