Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July Update

Maggie checks in with some news on recent happenings at the library:

During the months of May and June we at the library were busy winding down the school year and preparing for the Summer School Courses which promise to be the best yet in the history of the library . Helping us during these past 2 months was the Richards Family form Tennessee- Mom= Karen, Daughter =Jordi, and Sons = Charlie and Jack. It was a pleasure for all of us to work with them and get to know them. They are now officially a part of our Hekab Be family!

Our Concentration for Summer School 2008 will be on the Arts and Natural Sciences/Ecology. We will also be working in partnership with CEA (Centro Ecologico Akumal) and are happy to have Mirna Gonzalez Noh teaching with us this summer, who also does Educational Outreach for CEA. We (and the children) are also excited about the return of Kyla Booher as a volunteer teacher´s assistant. Kyla and her college roommate, Rene, will be working with all 3 age groups. Other volunteers are lined up including Rey Ortega (who is preparing the Circus with the kids) and enrollment for the program is good, but could be better. For the first time library has to charge for Summer School. The cost is $40 pesos (about $4 US) per child, per week. This seemingly small amount is discouraging some parents to sign their children up.

Our local community is already feelings the effects of the economic situation up North and there are fewer visitors than usual this season. The library has to stretch its budget to get through the lean months which usually start in September and run until things pick up for the Winter holidays. In addition, the new airline rules charging passengers for extra luggage is seriously hurting us as most of our donated material goods comes down in luggage. If you would like to sponsor a child for Summer School please contribute via PayPal on this site. We will soon post a list of kids in need of sponsorship.

On Sat. July 5th – We had a Car Wash at the library which raised $1,150 pesos that will go towards Summer School costs. Besides washing the cars, themselves and the teachers, the children also learned the importance of cooperation, dealing with the public, handling money and making sales. They also sold sandwiches and cold drinks of horchata and tamarindo. Per the idea of one of our older students, the boys took a tray of drinks and the container of sandwiches down the sidewalk to the taxis and then to the construction site next door- they sold everything! These are the future business people of Akumal!

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