Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Starting the new year right

Maggie, Carlos & Reyna are busy as bees cleaning, repainting and organizing the library. They are trying to get everything in order to start the new year right! In the course of doing so they have come up with a new list of things that would be helpful to have around at HB. Please check our wishlist blog at:

Other activities include our continuing school outreach programs with reading stories to younger kids, working on research skills with older kids. We also have a returning volunteer from the local community coming in to teach reading comprehension and writing 3 afternoons a week.

We want to add a note of acknowledgment and appreciation for the LG toolbox project. We will be happy to have all this material on hand and understand how frustrating it can be for all our helpers who want to do a project and don't have the tools handy-- this will be a great help to HB!!

Although we don't usually get involved in conversations from the LG message boards, we do follow the threads. Let us say that we are thankful for ALL the donations we get, be they in kind or in cash. The view from here, however, is that as hard as it is to ask people to give money, the reality is that we do need to have a cash inflow to keep HB running. Every single thing inside that little library is a testament to the generosity of our friends and supporters. Think about how miraculous it is that HB has kept going all these years and even grown, all because of people like you.

So, yes, we do have to wave our little red flags every so often to remind folks that part of what we do requires money, but in the process of doing so, it is *not* our intention to belittle the importance of all the other donations people make!

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