Monday, November 05, 2007

HB short on toys

An update from Maggie:
I just realized we are really low on the prize toys for reading. I put together a care package for Tabasco (with most of our beanie bears). We (Akumal) have someone going there today with stuff from all of us. In case you have not heard, there has been catastrophic flooding, mudslides around Villahermosa.

There's also been a larger number than usual of primary school kids coming in the mornings...we don't know why they aren't having classes every day but we're glad that we at HB can at least provide them an alternate learning environment. Still, our gift/prize stocks are running low.

We count on our wonderful library friends to help us restock, just as we imagine that you count on us to help fill a need when we encounter one. Help us help others, this way the giving keeps on giving...

Our ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY will be held Wednesday, Dec. 19 in the morning. Alice Gartell (aka Alice in AZ) and her husband, Chuck will be our special guests-- we look forward to sharing the festivities with them and all (locogringos or others) who can attend.

Please see our updated wishlist: for suggestions on toy donations for xmas.

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