Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Summer school activities & helpers

***Special thanks to Lisa Haynes for generously requesting that the Hekab Be Biblioteca be the recipient of the proceeds from the Larry Joe Taylor Concert held July 20th at Lol Ha Restaurant.

August arrived before we knew it!!

The Hekab Be Library staff has been extremely busy the past 2 ½ months doing what we do best – enhancing the local education of children, teens and adults and diligently contributing to the overall spirit of community here in Akumal.

Summer School began at the library on the 9th of July, with over 70 participants! This is remarkable considering the local students only have 7 weeks off for Summer Break. Knowing that most of these kids would only have 2-3 weeks of “time away from study” – the Summer Course plan had one major objective- Learning while having fun.
We started off with a Botany lesson (Monday is Science day) with each student planting a bean sprout, which in turn they were responsible for taking care of.

They learned on Tuesdays/Art Day – how to Salsa and Cha Cha, how to play percussion instruments, were introduced to the world of Mexican artists, then encouraged to close their eyes and paint from their imagination. They have listened to music from all over the world, discussed the various forms – including Classical, Opera (Andrea Bocelli was a big hit), French, Spanish and Latin.

Wednesdays (Language day) they have studied Maya, English and Spanish Grammar.

Thursdays (History/Geography) they have had lectures on the Mundo Maya, Mexican History, Mexican Geography, discussions regarding the continents. We want to broaden their World, and they have enjoyed studying other cultures as well as their own.

Fridays (Art projects/Fun) - Football (Soccer), Softball, and the memorable Kite/ Beach day.

In addition to our local children we also hosted several children from the Education Center in Puerto Aventuras leading to a new working relationship between the Hekab Be and a partner educational organization.

The program ended with a lively fiesta and all the kids who participated were given a packet of school supplies to start the new academic year out right!!

A special thanks to the following people for their assistance with our most successful Summer School to date!

Our teachers: Carlos Pech, Emilia May, Reyna Gamboa, Kyla Booher, Mariana Isunza Ochoa , Alexa Schwartz, Megan Jones, Maggie.

Mauricio Bautista- CEA – for assistance with teaching
Gary and Martha Bemis – for providing ongoing support and refreshments for Harry Potter Day (VHS – the first one not the new one!)
Scott Brown (Sac Be/Kosmos) – for use of percussion instruments.
Laura Bush Wolfe and David Wolfe – for their consistent support of the library, uses of the Akumal Caribe´s pool, lunch for our “Puerto” kids and pizza for our “End of Summer School Fiesta.”
Hilario Hiler – for a fascinating “hands on” lecture about Mayan tools and instruments.
George Jones – for photography on Kite Day.
Ray Ortega- for several wonderful musical performances and he and his family’s support for future library programming. www.wisdomtreestudios.com
Allyn Papagay – For his constant help with maintaining the library and assistance with our “Puerto” kids.
Charlene Powell (Chomak) for assistance with the fiesta.
Paul Sanchez-Navarro – For his support and use of over 20 of CEA´s chairs. www.ceakumal.org
Lunda and Alexa Schwartz- for assistance with the fiesta and teaching.
Karla Selvaterra – of SAVE for teaching assistance
Marcia Tschelling – For her assistance and work with our “special kids” from Puerto Aventuras.
J.J. Usher – of J.J. Usher Band – for a rocking improve jam session on Music Day. jjusher.com myspace.com/jjushermusic

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