Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Post-Hurricane News: People & Library Alright

Just a quick note to let everyone know that all of HB –staff, buildings and new roof-- came through Dean just fine. We are so thankful that the brunt of this storm landed in a relatively unpopulated part of the Yucatan.
HB is open today and back to business as usual, open from 9-1 Mon-Sat,
3-6 Mon-Fri.
Special thanks to Allyn Papagay & other volunteers for helping with pre-storm preparations!

A message from Maggie (who was already in the US visiting family before Dean came into existence):
Thank you to all of you who sent good thoughts and genuine concern regarding how the library fared with Hurricane Dean. We were ready for whatever the hurricane was going to bring on us. I am in the US at present but have been in contact with staff and volunteers since Dean first appeared on the radar. Please be assured that I have received news that everyone (this includes staff, children and local residents) are safe and certainly not as traumatized as the last go round with Wilma. Thank you again for all of your support - we would not be here without it.

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