Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hekab Be Helpers

~A brief bio from two of our most recent HB volunteers~

Kristin Love

I´ve been volunteering here at Hekab Be since October, helping out on Wednesday mornings so that Maggie and Carlos can leave the library open while they go over to the schools to read. I´ve also helped a bit with any writing projects Maggie wants help with - there´s always something else popping up that needs her attention so I´m either relieving a little of the pressure… or pushing (nagging?!) her to stay focused!

Now after almost 10 years of living around the world (Spain, Chile, Brazil, Ireland and here) we´re leaving Playa del Carmen and heading back to the U.S. Once we´re settled I´m looking forward to still being involved with any tasks I can do by e-mail, though it won´t be quite as much fun as attending the library events with the kids or correcting their homework and bartering points for them to put towards the incentive prizes!

It´s a great team here at Hekab Be. One of the reasons I chose to volunteer here rather than closer to my house in Playa was because of the personal connections the volunteers and staff here have with the local community. See you when we come for visits!

Kyla Booher

I just recently began volunteering here at the library, coming in whenever I am needed. Already I have found it to be a very enjoyable experience, and am looking forward to summer school in July, where I will be one of the new teachers. I have been listening to the kids read their exercises and giving them points for the exercises they complete. The kids are very patient with me and do not hesitate to laugh a little when I don’t understand what they are saying, and when I try to get a point across myself. However, my Spanish is getting better each day, as I also volunteer with the turtle program with CEA here in Akumal. I am very busy, but I look forward to doing more and helping out at Hekab Be.

Loco Gringo Festivities....(Fun-raisers!!)
Pizza Party Tues. April 24th

A huge THANK YOU to Terri and Dave Gerbrandt, George Connell, and Linda and Dale. These Loco Gringo members bought 10 extra large pizzas from Lol Ha, and provided Coca Cola, and fruit salad for dessert. Before the good eats, the children performed a Puppet Show for their guests and sang song accompanied by Carlos on the guitar.
A great time was had by all – Local Akumalians who helped photograph and serve at the fiesta were Allyn Papagay, Bud Blatner, Didier Jackson, Miranda Strauch, and Ellie.

Loco Gringo Forum Members Fundraiser : April 25th

Members of Loco Gringo´s Forum hosted an online/those present Fundraiser for the library on Wednesday evening April 25th at Lol Ha Restaurant’s Beach Bar. Coordinators for this very successful event were Gary Bemis, Dave and Terri Gerbrandt, George Connell, and Jeanne Ackerman. The entire event, which was presented live on Loco Gringo. opened with a Mariachi band and dancing. In addition to cash donations there was also an auction and raffle with all proceeds from the tickets sold benefiting the library. The finale of the event was a hilarious AND risqué “Chippendale-style” dance performed by Loco Gringo Forum Male Members… Akumal (and Lol Ha) is still reeling from that one!
A huge thank you to all those who donated their time, items for the auction, and monetary donations!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kyla - I was surprised this a.m. to come to this site and see you and read your paragraph! This Wed. will mark your two week anniversary in Akumal - look at all you've done thus far!!! Your're amazing sweetie! Love, Mom, Dad, Blaine, and Braydon