Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Healthy & almost back to business as usual...

Carlos is back to work this week, a bit worse for the wear after a terrible bout of chicken pox, but glad to be working again. Maggie however is under the weather (with a flu that won't go away) and we've had to insist that she take some days off to regain her energy. So, once again, you may find the library closed for pieces of time in the morning when Carlos goes to read at the schools in the pueblo. If you should encounter it closed, please check back again in the afternoon.
Upcoming events:
-The next two weeks (April 1-15) the schools will be closed for Semana Santa/Easter Break. So expect to find the library (and beaches) teeming with kids looking for some fun! Library events those weeks will include:
-- a health program one day with an emphasis on diet and exercise - capped off by a soccer match;
-- a "learning time" lesson for kids who need it - ages 4-11;
-- a movie screening with popcorn and punch;
-- a collaborative project where kids will work in small groups to write their own puppet skits, design the scenery, direct, and finally perform their very own puppet shows for one another!

-Monday, April 30th is Dia de Los Ninos - which we'll celebrate at Hekab Be with a party at 3:30 p.m. Please join us!
We'll have a competition for three age categories- (5-8), (8-11) and (12-16+) with a winner from each group. The competition is a science project, a research project (topic of their interest- popular with the older kids and they use the library to do their research) or a creative writing project. The prizes are fully loaded backpacks (age appropriate). Some of the kids may also perform the puppet shows they create during Easter break. Possibly there will be a performance from CEA's "Friends of the Planet" puppet show. And of course, a couple of pinatas. There will also be singing with guitar players - something all of the kids enjoy!

P.S. We'd also like to lay to rest the rumor that is going around about the library moving over to the Pueblo. We love being a bridge between the pueblo and resort areas of Akumal and plan to stay right where we are!! The question of us moving has come up at times in the past, mostly related to making sure the kids of Akumal have safe access to the library. But this is not such a big issue anymore with the new footbridge that goes over the highway. So rest assured, we're staying put!

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