Friday, June 16, 2006

Sprucing Up-- new paint

Carlos & all the rest of us at Hekab Be couldn't be happier about all the changes taking place. Here you see him in one of the freshly painted rooms in the recently roofed building. We've had many helpers, both local & visitors (locogringos Sherry & Mark Dowd, Akumal resident & retired painter Allen, among others) pitched in and picked up a brush. And everyone is excited about the project! Looking better by the day....
if you're coming down and want to help out, please let us know. We are looking for a carpenter or other people with skills to help us finish the rooms. It would be nice to put in some built in shelves/bookcases, and we will need tables & chairs as well. But we also need to some help reframing the windows and replacing the doors. So if you're interested, drop us an email!

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tselmore said...

What a wonderful job you are doing. The place looks great!