Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Roof has been raised (well the funds anyway)!!

well before the March 28 deadline, enough money has been raised by all the loco gringos (and other library friends) to put a NEW roof on the library's outbuildings. this means space for a classroom, a separate adult and children's library/reading space, storage space and possibly even a computer room!!

super special thanks to our library angel, Ed Hardey, for doubling loco gringo donations and for spurring everyone into giving.

for those new to HB, we have been trying to raise money for this roof for at least 5 years, Ed's generosity helped make it happen in less than a month, an accomplishment beyond words!!

are you inspired to be a library angel?? maybe you want to set up a matching fund for a smaller project? or help raise money to support a month of operating expenses? if so, please contact Maggie (Maggieml@aol.com) or Alice (Gartell@aol.com)
also see our wishlist blog for the latest suggestions on what you can bring to help the library.

stay tuned here for the latest in roof construction updates!

p.s. check out our newest HB blog: http://hekab-be-history.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Maggie,I for one, am so glad that the children will have a safe and secure enviroment to better themselves and in the end result their community. You folks deserve all our attention, and I'm I speak for all Loco Grongo'd when I say that we are all proud to support such a wonderful endevour. Pleas keep up the great work you are doing!!

Loco Grongo member,


Anonymous said...

Maggie & Carlos...this is fantastic news....I am so pleased that you once again have a safe, dry place to educate children.

Keep up the good work!

Maggie (Loco Gringo member).....Beachlovers is a member of Loco Grongo apparently...hehehe)