Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mayan Renaissance kiddos learn art and music:

During winter break, classical music was made fun for the kids. They listened to the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, discussed the music and broadened their world. The kids loved it. During the February break, the library helpers plan to introduce the children to fine art from famous Mexican artists. They may live in a little pueblo, but we try to open up the world for them. The globe Alice brought I few years back has gotten a workout, as the kids spin it and dream of places far away.

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SeƱora Alberico said...

Could you tell me the dates of the Feb. vacation? I'm a Spanish teacher and I'm coming down to visit during the week of Feb. 20-26. I would love to visit the school with you. I have visited Carlos for the past two years, twice last year! Me encanta su biblioteca!
You can email me at
Nancy Alberico