Monday, January 30, 2006

Let there be lights!

The library was without electricity since Hurricane Wilma hit in mid July until early January. Aaah to have lights in a dark little room cluttered with books! Aaah to have an electric fan circulate the air!!! And when it gets really hot, that room air conditioner will be cranking!!! The kids, parents and staff are MUCH more comfortable and happy at the library now.
Once the power was back, Maggie, Emilia & Carlos undertook a major cleaning effort to air out the library, which had become very musty, and repainted the inside. They are still in the process of reorganizing the books to make it less cluttered. Stop by and ask Maggie how you can help with additional items to help the library recover.
The hurricanes are past, but it takes time to put everything back in place.
A special thanks to Emilia & her husband for getting the electricity problem solved!

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Kathy Ponath said...

I very much enjoyed visiting the library and meeting Maggie during a recent visit to Akumal. In regards to the concern about tourist development edging out the library at its present location, I really think that the library could become a bigger part of the tourist attraction to the area. Tourists are looking for more than a getaway. They are interested in knowing about the people who live in the area and want to contribute to their well-being, if only to assauge a guilty conscience at being able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in luxury while some of the locals have less than the essentials of life. I don't mean to sound negative because I actually think it is a very positive thing that people want to do more than relax on the beach when they travel on vacation. Voluntourism is becoming more and more popular. Perhaps the library could find more ways to "market" itself along those lines. As more tourists become engaged in the library and aware of the work it is doing the developers will be more likely to consider the library's well-being as part of their "marketting plan" for the area. This blog and it's link to the locogringo site is a great feature for instance.
Keep up the good work and I will keep in touch through the internet and hope to visit again one day.
Kathy Ponath