Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holiday Party

Scheduled for December 22 at the library, starting around 10:30 am. Hope to see you there!!


Santa said...

Ho, ho, I hear it's quite warm way down there. I may have to get out my Caribbean clothes for your party.

alice gartell said...

come one, come all to the party --
bring a bag of oranges, some nuts, or some chips as the party is kind of "pot luck"

Alice in Az

Broad said...


I have a less than 2 year old Gateway Profile computer for the library. I can bring it down in March, unless there is someone going before then that I can ship it to.

I will format the hard drive and install a new copy of Windows XP Home Edition.

Tina Smith (1st grade teacher) said...

My husband and I were just there on Friday, December 3oth. I was very sorry to miss Carlos and was not able to meet him. We did bring a duffle bag full of McDonald Happy Meal Toys and a whole bunch of school supplies that my first graders up in Washington State donated. My first grade class would like to "adopt" your library and continue donating items. Can we send the items to an address in Mexico? I have an adress for Playa Del Caremn--would this address work? We hope to go back to your library very soon.
Tina Smith

Hekab Be Library said...

We would LOVE to have the computer! Your generous offer comes at such a good time. Most of our other computers were ruined by the hurricane and we have been without electricity since the hurricane in July. But it will be restored shortly. Please email Alice at:
for details on bringing down the computer