Monday, November 28, 2005

New Roof Needed!!

If you stop by the library these days you will find it to be much more chaotic than usual. Why? Because having made it through the first hurricane alright, we lost the roof on our storage space in Wilma. Consequently, all of our materials are now being stored in our tiny one room library.

We need help! We need to find a solution to our storage problem so that order can be reclaimed in the library, and so that users can actually get to the materials they seek without having to wade through stacks of books. We'd like to start a roof fund that would at the very least allow us to restore the zinc roof that was on our storage room. This would be the easiest short term solution.

But ideally we'd like to do something more permanent, that would also allow us to expand our library space by putting a new roof on the entire structure, which would give us a storage room, a classroom/activity center and a dedicated office space. Won't you help us achieve this goal?

Please contact Ellie ( or Maggie ( or post a comment right here!

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